Warlock Asylum is an American electronica music group formed by poet/electronic musician Messiah’el Bey and multi-instrumentalist/audio engineer Steven Berson. Their work together has made them pioneers in the genres pf dance and electronica music. Warlock Asylum is also the pseudonym used by Messiah’el Bey for the books he has authored, mostly under the subject of mysticism.

Messiah’el Bey (left) and Steven Berson (right)

Before Warlock Asylum was formed, Messiah’el Bey and Steven Berson developed a working relationship through the business of music. Messiah’el would often seek Steve’s expertise as an engineer for both mastering and recording. A steady collaboration between the two began to occur when Messiah’el started recording an electronic album at Steve’s studio, Total Sonic Media. Steve would often add some instrumentation to some of the synth tracks developed by Messiah’el, which led to a complete album of music equally composed by Bey and Berson. This body of music became Warlock Asylum’s first album entitled, Kiss of the Immortal.

Warlock Asylum’s legacy has continued to blossom since the release of their first album, Kiss of the Immortal. They have performed at various venues and have worked with some well-respected artists.  Warlock Asylum’s has created a unique hard beat based ambient vortex that draws strength from both the ancient and future worlds.